The Pool
     Artist Studios  
        Henry Andersen
        Dóra Benyó
        David Beylemans 
        Alix Dussart
        Bryana Fritz   
        Marjolein Guldentops
        Alicia Jeannin
        Jules Lagrange 
        Julie Larrouy
        Jacques Le Bourgeois
        Léa Mayer
        Rokko Miyoshi
        Jacopo Pagin
        Niels Poiz 
        Lucien Roux
        Kevin Senant 
        Charlie Usher


We are extremely excited to start working on this exhibition after postponing for three months! We're doing a slow opening the whole first weekend, to spread visitors and to keep everyone safe.

25.06 > 19.08.2020 - ROTATOR

We are opening Thursday the 25th of June, from 17h to 21h.
Troughout the opening weekend of the 26th, 27th and 28th of June, the show will be open from 12h to 17h.

We kindly ask visitors to wear a mask upon entering the exhibition.
Please be aware that the exhibition is only visible for 2 persons at the same time.
The waiting area will allow a maximum of 6 visitors, taking social distancing in account.

The show will run until the 19th of July.
During which we open every Sunday from 12h to 17h,
and by appointment for private

12.03.2020 - 7PM > 9PM : FILMS PLASTIQUES 

21.02.2020 - 6PM > 9PM: RECTANGLE’S BOOK LAUNCH 

17.01 > 1.02.2020: UNAFFECTED INTEREST 1-7

with Fabrizia Flühler, Eliane Bertschi, Naama Roth, Emmanuel Berti and Damiano Curschellas
curated by Emmanuel Berti & Damiano Curschellas

opening 16.01 - 5PM > 9PM

In Species of Spaces and Other Pieces, George Perec understands a footnote as a trace in the space. It is often placed at the bottom of a printed page and adds a comment, reference, remark etc. to a designated part of a main text.
The group show unaffected interest1-7 uses the location of The Pool which is underneath the ground level to refer to the space of the footnote.

29.11.2019 -  7pm: TUMBLEWEEDS by Gala Knörr, a performative reading

Tumbleweeds is a project based on the epistolary relationship that artist Gala Knörr established with her ‘silent mentor’ Jack Kerouac. A mentor whose answers can only be found within his oeuvre, one she devoured in her late teens continuing to enjoy along with other Beat writers when she moved to Paris to pursue her studies in art. Modeling her writing after ‘Satori in Paris’, a cognac infused short novel on Kerouac’s search for his family origins on a ten day trip to Paris and Brest, in which the author alludes to a spiritual awakening, yet finds said ‘kick in the eye’ in a series of Parisian pilgrimage-like extravagant encounters. [...] 

This exhibition is the fourth and last episode of The plot is in the process of writing, a cycle of exhibitions thought out by Nicolas de Ribou for SB34 – The Pool on narrative, writing, history, between fiction and reality, where it is a matter of activating persona’s, characters that question our relation with the world and invite us to deconstruct the imposed images by creating others, more singular.

10>26.11.2019 - Two of Hearts

with Aisha Christison & Jack Burton
Angyvir Padilla & Yoel Pytowski
Ekaterina Kaplunova & Richard Venlet
Gary Farrelly & Gilles Hellemans
Marie Sardin & Rémy Thit
Nils Alix-Tabeling & Justin Fitz Patrick
curated by Jacopo Pagin 

opening 9.11.2019 4pm > 9pm

12>26.10.2019 - The one that’s always there, the one that came late, the one that never arrived and the one that wasn’t invited

with Darya Diamond, Esther Gatón, Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou, Isabella Benshimol, Manon van den Eeden, Patricia Bandeira and Rebeca Romero

curated by Naz Balkaya

Opening 11.10.2019 - 6pm > 9pm

How do we feel at exhibition openings today and what does it mean to enter a creative site without the feelings of doubt and intimidation? What will happen if we approach each and every day of an exhibition as an opening / a party?
The exhibition ‘The one that’s always there, the one that came late, the one that never arrived and the one that wasn’t invited’ is trying to answer these questions by hosting a reception and a nocturnal atmosphere that doesn’t last for a short period of time. It is fun, messy, disoriented, surprising, freaky and long-lasting. You are invited to a happening which turns the exhibition space into a genuine organism, where everyone could feel free and enjoy their problems. [...]

The exhibition is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 1pm to 6pm and by appointment

For further information / appointments contact:


11 & 13/09  - 6pm > 9pm : Something that always escapes by Guido Yannitto

SB34 – The pool welcomes 'Something that always escapes' by Guido Yannitto (Arg. 1981). Exploring popular cultures is one of his major interest. He´s been working with tapestries and considering this medium´s possibilities, thinking about the sculptural aspects of this planimetric technique and also interested in what he sees as major characteristics within this representational system, aspects of communication and translation. Ideas like identity, dissolve identity, oral transmission, translation, genealogy, subjectivity and collective work are the conceptual axis for his exchanges with weavers.

This exhibition is the third episode of The plot is in the process of writing, a cycle of exhibitions thought out by Nicolas de Ribou for SB34 – The Pool on narrative, writing, history, between fiction and reality, where it is a matter of activating persona’s, characters that question our relation with the world and invite us to deconstruct the imposed images by creating others, more singular.

06>08/09  - 11am > 7pm - Conversation by Alexandre Silberstein

05.09 - 5pm > 10pm - opening
             10pm > late - guest dj set

SB34 – The pool welcomes Conversation, a multi-layered work in several acts by Alexandre Silberstein. Initiated in 2018, this project involves literature, live arts, music and sculpture in the form of an installation. Conversation is an initiatory narrative as well as a work of memory, so as not to forget. The story begins with a table where an elderly man and his grandson, after a day of hard work, address many topics of discussion including the creation of the universe and and the exile [...]

This exhibition is the second episode of The plot is in the process of writing, a cycle of exhibitions thought out by Nicolas de Ribou for SB34 – The Pool on narrative, writing, history, between fiction and reality, where it is a matter of activating persona’s, characters that question our relation with the world and invite us to deconstruct the imposed images by creating others, more singular.

29, 30, 31 August 2019 / 17:00 – 23:00 - IN (EN)ACTING ROLES

Performance Festival : Three day program where each artist has one hour carte blanche for a time based work.

Participating Artists: Aude Anquetil, Stephanie Becquet, Dóra Beny, Baptiste Conte & Xavier Michel, Vanessa Disler, Coraline Guilbeau, Maud Gyssel, Katinka van Gorkum, Selçuk Mutlu, Niels Poiz, Slow Reading Club, Cléo Tott, Charlie Usher, Romy Vanderveken, Simon Van Schuylenbergh

This project is initiated and organised by Dóra Benyó and Niels Poiz.

Image: Dóra Benyó, Market Day, 2018

22.06 > 27.07.2019 - I AM SO MULTIPLE IN NIGHTS

Mehraneh Atashi / Babette / Fiona Hallinan / Allen Jones /  Graham Kelly / Perri MacKenzie / Liam Morrow / Gregory Polony / Sophie Varin /   

Curated by Pádraic E. Moore

7pm > 10pm : exhibition preview
10pm > late : DJ sets by Alison Yip, kap-i-tl-iz-uh m, et al.

[...] The exhibition’s title is a translation of words by Emmy Hennings (1885-1948), one of the few women affiliated with the Dada movement, and co-founder of Zürich’s  Cabaret Voltaire - undoubtedly the most important nightclub in the history of art. In the case of this exhibition, the title also refers to the idea of the self as a continually evolving and expanding entity, recalling Jung’s belief that the many contains the unity of the one, without losing the possibilities of the many. As he understood it, the self is essentially comprised of multiple facets, some of which were necessarily concealed but permitted to manifest during particularly revelatory or visionary experiences.

The exhibition’s allusions to archetypal symbolism and invocation of rituals underscores a desire to declare visual art’s continued vitality in our increasingly techno-rational society. The sort of utopianism that flourished in the last century, concentrated in sites like the short-lived Cabaret Voltaire, may never flourish again. Nevertheless, the sphere of potential that visual art carves out remains a space in which idealistic intentions and romantic aspirations can still frequently be found: a temporary autonomous zone where we collectively climb back into the cave, and find our multiple selves.

1. The ethos of these semi regular nights is explained by the slogan that has accompanied all flyers since the inception: “Drinks above, Dancing below, cash on the bar, no egos”.

Pádraic E. Moore

This exhibition is open Saturdays from 2 to 6 pm and by appointment. For further information / appointments contact:

26.05 - 6.30pm > 9.30pm - RDV synthetic with

Les RDVs sont des soirées de présentations d'artistes, pouvant prendre la forme de conférences, performances ou projections. Chaque présentation est suivie de discussions bienveillantes avec l'artiste.

Moteur à mouvement perpétuel du faire avec, annaliste du contexte et fabricante de dopamine(x1000).

Fabriquant et manipulateur d’expériences mélodi-rythmiques et raconteur du quotidien, il transforme l'anecdote en matière vibrante.

10.05 > 11.05.2019 - 2pm > 6pm -  INVISIBLE OCCUPATION  by Gabrielle Le Bayon 

09.05 - 6pm > 10pm - opening with a performace at  6.30pm and 8pm
             10pm > late - guest dj set 

First chapter of the exhibitions cycle The plot is in the process of writing curated by Nicolas de Ribou for The Pool. 

26.04 - 28.04.2019 - 2pm > 6pm -  SB34 OPEN ARTIST STUDIOS 

+ An evening on Friday 26.04 - 6pm> late

Opening weekend of the studios that will focus attention on the singularities of the work processes while establishing dialogues between the resident artists:
Henry Andersen and Charlie Usher; Vanessa Disler; Alix Dussart and Julie Krakowski; Julie Larrouy; Jules Lagrange and Lucien Roux; Léa Mayer and Maëlle Maisonneuve; Alicia Jeannin and Jacopo Pagin; Kevin Senant; Rokko Miyoshi; Niels Poiz, Majolein Guldentops, Dóra Benyó, David Beylemans and Sandrine Morgante.

29.03.2019 - 8 pm > late - Les Nuits Ovales #1: electronic music concerts

Les Nuits Ovales #1 is the first of a series of live performances devoted to electronic music in all its forms. The purpose of the regular concerts is not only to showcase the musical experiments of the Fenêtre Ovale collective but also those of musicians from other music genres. 

22.03.2019 - 4 pm > 6 pm - Caveat reading room #6 : creleisure today 

The Pool is hosting Caveat for a collective reading of original texts by Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica such as TROPICALIA, APOCALIPOPOTESIS, and Les Possibilités du Creloisir, in relation to stock images portraying a new model of worker, one who is both in vacation and at work. These texts were selected by Sofia Caesar, one of the artists at the core of Caveat's collective research.

16.03.2019 - 6 pm > 10 pm - Do you feat Nowhere Collective

The Pool is hosting Nowhere Collective, who will present ‘’ – the third issue of their zine, with the contributions by Sofia Caesar, Emile Hermans, Toril Johannessen, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec and Paula Smolarska.
This is the first issue to be launched simultaneously online and offline, in two complementary versions. Besides the zine, Nowhere will present a surprise side programme with works by some of the contributing artists.
More info:

10.01 > 15.02.2019 - rosa rosa rosae rosae 

The rosa rosa rosae rosae project brings together the works and interventions of artists in an exhibition punctuated by performative moments - films, readings, listening sessions - on a theme that is contingent on the collective itself: there will be questions of language and translation, orality and circulation,transmission and repetition, writing and selection. By focusing on the learning processes and references at the origin of their composition, the works formulate new stories, questioning our destinations.

exhibition & moments with Marc Buchy, buren, Sofia Caesar, Audrey Cottin, Maíra Dietrich, Eva Giolo, Maxime Jean-Baptiste, Alicia Jeannin, Sabir, Charlie Usher, Yoann Van Parys and Eleanor Ivory Weber curated by Pauline Hatzigeorgiou
with the support of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

exhibition open on Saturdays 14.00 > 18.00
& by appointment at


10.01 – 18.00 > 21.00

18.01 – 19.00
text reading by Deborah Birch
& performance “flat music session” by Charlie Usher

01.02 – 19.00
screening of the film Nou voix by Maxime Jean-Baptiste

& presentation of the project Ka Kualmaku by Marc Buchy

08.02 – 19.00
screening of the film Noise and knowledge by Sofia Caesar

& presentation of the film A tongue called mother / Say A by Eva Giolo

09.02 – 20.00
Sabir La Nuit#2 with Sophie Senecaut, Amélie Derlon-Cordina, Kevin Senant, Clément Delhomme et Carole Louis

15.02 – 19.00
performance “Four Tables” by Audrey Cottin

performance by Eleanor Ivory Weber: reading and listening session of Ong, W.J., 1982. Orality and Literacy: The Technologizing of the Word. Reprint 2002. New York, NY: Routledge.(2017-).

& finissage

5.12 > 9.12.2018 - 100% de confluence

Exhibition by the students of the Master in Painting - Royal Academy of Fine Arts (ArBA-EsA), after a dialogue with Cédric Noël.
Opening Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 18h-21h.
Exhibition from Thursday, December 6 to Sunday December 9, 10 am-6pm.