The Pool
     Artist Studios  
        Henry Andersen
        Dóra Benyó
        David Beylemans
        Vanessa Disler
        Alix Dussart   
        Marjolein Guldentops
        Alicia Jeannin
        Julie Krakowski
        Jules Lagrange 
        Julie Larrouy
        Maëlle Maisonneuve
        Léa Mayer
        Rokko Miyoshi
        Sandrine Morgante
        Jacopo Pagin
        Niels Poiz 
        Lucien Roux
        Kevin Senant 
        Charlie Usher

The Pool

is a projects space in which artists and art workers are invited to connect and to collaborate on site specific and performative contributions on various topics such as organization and sociality of artistic production and exchanges.