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ongoing & upcoming projects

26.09 > 04.10.2020 - Baptiste Conte & Alix Dussart - This world needs everything, except additional information


Opening Friday September 25 at 7:00 p.m.

Exhibition and artist studios open on September 26 and 27 and October 03 and 04 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., as well as as part of the night of the galleries of Saint-Gilles on September 30 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m + performance Step by Step at 7.30 pm

Baptiste Conte and Alix Dussart present This world needs everything, except additional information as part of the Parcours d'Artistes in Saint-Gilles. This exhibition, which takes the form of an immersive installation, questions our relationship to information flows, treated here metaphorically by a smoke-producing material unfolding in rural landscapes.
They are asking: How do we make society ? How are we ?

09.10 > 17.10.2020 - Goda Palekaité - Architecture of Heaven - curated by Pauline Hatzigeorgiou

at Centre Tour à Plomb, Brussels

October 8 opening from 6pm to 9pm and Schismatics book launch and reading from 7.30pm to 8pm

October 10 from 7pm to 9pm performance-dinner in collaboration with Jonas Palekas - Digestive System of Humanity : The Mouth
free entrance but limited seats – register at

Exhibition open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm
Centre Tour à Plomb / salle le Foyer
24 rue de l’Abattoir
1000 Brussels

A biographer of the strangeness, Goda Palekaitė is interested in historical characters imbued with mystery; in transgressive figures who, breaking with the dominant thought of their time, find themselves proscribed or marginalized by History. Through her research-based practice, she digs into these particular lives, their lacunar stories and what they allow us to deduce or speculate about the psychology of the protagonists. She draws these portraits through a practice of writing, mixing factual references and fictional interpretations in order to question the phenomena of historical construction and collective memory. What is inscribed, what is forgotten and what is perceived today. Fully assuming the hybridity of her narratives, she challenges us about these individuals as they are often deeply committed and have complex, liminal, personalities. She plays on the credibility of the testimony, the power of subjective projection and identification that inspires the audience.

For her exhibition at la Tour à Plomb, Goda Palekaitė takes over the “Foyer” with a series of artworks that interact with the singular architecture of this vaulted room that resembles a crypt. Under the title Architecture of Heaven, it gathers figures from different eras whose lives are marked by mystical revelations and visions of ecstasy that have led them to a second life, set back from the secular world. The exhibition brings together sculpture and video installations, as well as a performance to be held on October 10. The opening of the exhibition, on October 8, will also be dedicated to the launch of her book, Schismatics.

The exhibition Architecture of Heaven and the performance Digestive System of Humanity: The Mouth are organized by Schizma organization in collaboration with the non-profit SB34, with the support of the Tour à Plomb/City of Brussels, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and the Lithuanian Council for Culture.